Vertical Cylinder Honing Machine (PW-1000)


Ideal for Precision Cylinder Honing in Hydraulics, Marine, Aerospace and Oil & Gas Industries

The Engis PW-1000 is a competitively priced vertical honing solution for large and heavy components in small to medium size batches and prototypes. The PW-1000 is suitable for both through and blind bores, producing an excellent surface finish. This machine has been designed for safety, durability, efficiency and economical honing.

The PW-1000 offers precision honing and maximum power via a highly efficient hydraulic stroking motor. Stable machine design, accurate and repeatable stroking movement, the capacity to short stroke at any position and a bore diameter range of 1″ – 28.35″ (25.4mm – 720mm) all combine to provide a versatile honing solution for a wide variety of applications.


Ideal for:
• Marine cylinder liners
• Pump bodies
• Hydraulic cylinders
• Large valve bodies
• Compressor bodies

Precise, Efficient, Reliable Production Honing Machines (PH-4000/PH-5000)

Precision Controlled Production Honing with Wide Capability for Small to Medium Volumes

ThPRECISION HONING SYSTEMS PH-4000e Engis PH-4000 and PH-5000 offer reliable and cost effective production honing providing programmable precision and easy-to-understand operational efficiency. A choice of fixtures and full adjustability makes these machines hugely flexible – an invaluable staple in engineering production environments.

In addition, the failsafe interlocking guard system and closed door, push button operation of the PH machines, brings a new level of operator safety to your shop floor.

Ideal for 50 – 100,000 part batches, the PH-4000 hones diameters of .045″ – .98″ (1.14mm – 25mm) up to 12.6″ (320mm) in length. The PH-5000 tackles up to 3.15″ (80mm) diameter.



Innovative design, flexible, efficient in operation:
• Operators at any skill level find the semi-automatic functionality of the PH machines extremely easy to run
• Single-stone, multi-stone or single-pass tooling compatible; quick change tooling (optional)
• Electronic control system with Siemens digital HMI
• Minimal program setup screens
• Stock removal 30μ per second depending on material
• Fully adjustable stroke length and speed
• Unique spindle system with integral stone expansion
• Wedge feed pressure monitoring for burr-free cutting and sensitivity for thin wall parts
• Multi-plane spindle nose
• Feed movement via precision ball screw
• Stable, accurate and repeatable stone adjustment
• Choice of fixtures for wide range of applications
• Alignment gauge option
• Remote diagnostic capability (via Internet)

Ideal for:
• Through honing and blind end bores + 1μ
• Tolerances and geometries to below 2μ
• Hydraulic components
• Water pumps
• Pump bodies
• Fuel injection nozzles
• Con rods
• Rocker arms
• Turbo housings
• Sleeves
• Gears
• Cylinder liners
• Bushings

Easy Operation Compact Honing Machine (CM-2000)


Precision Honing for One-Off and Batch Production

The Engis CM-2000 is a compact honing machine with considerable flexibility and capability. As it is fully electronic, it affords the choice of semi-automatic or manual operation. With two button control panels and simplistic functionality, the operation of the CM-2000 is designed to be easy to operate, safe, reliable and ergonomic.

The CM-2000 also has twelve screens covering the complete set-up of the machine; this removes the need to reset all of the parameters from the previous run as is common on a standard mechanical machine.

Honing from 0.045″ – 3.15″ (1.14mm – 80mm) diameter, with a tolerance of 1μ, it has a stroke length to suit most applications and, with a wide rotational speed range from 250 – 2500rpm, this machine is essential in every tool room.


Precise control, versatile, efficient in operation:

• Operators at any skill level find the semi-automatic functionality of the PH machines extremely easy to run
• Single-stone, multi-stone or single-pass tooling compatible; quick-change tooling (optional)
• Pushbutton, closed door, hands-free operation
• Complete servo control for precise tool position and cutting pressures
• Repeatable in-cycle short stroking to 0.004″ (0.1mm) for blind bore parts
• Handles parts up to 8.8″ (223mm)
• Fully adjustable spindle and stroking speeds
• Precision stock removal
• 1μ adjustment increments
• Compact, space-efficient footprint
• Requires less maintenance than mechanical machines
• Online diagnostics (via Internet)

Ideal for:
• Bushings
• Sleeves
• Pump bodies
• Valve bodies
• Con rods
• Rocker arms
• Refurbishment of components
• Blind end bores (tolerance within 1μ)
• Honing diameter 0.05″ – 3.15″ (1.3mm – 80mm)
• From one-offs to batch production (1-100)
• Multiple changes, quick change tooling

Long Bore Precision Honing Machine (CH-1000)


Innovative Precision Honing for Straight and Tapered Long Bores

The Engis CH-1000 is designed specifically to hone straight and tapered bores at lengths up to 47.2″ (1200mm) achieving tolerances and geometries to below 2μ for diameters up to 2″ (50mm).

This technically-advanced machine features a unique step-back ‘back taper’ honing program which produces a controlled taper in the bore over a specified angle and length.


Precision control, flexible and efficient in operation:
• Electronic control system with Siemen’s digital HMI touchpad numeric control
• Repeatable full and short stroke to 0.1mm
• Fully adjustable spindle and stroking speeds
• Mandrels accommodate competitive tools
• Precision stock removal
• Submicron adjustment
• Quick change tooling (optional)
• Push button, closed door, hands-free operation
• Online diagnostics (via internet)
• Reduced maintenance
• Extended tool life
Ideal for:
• Long bore honing to 47.2″ (1200mm)*
• Straight or tapered bores
• Tolerances and geometries to below 2μ
• Diameters to 2″ (50mm)*
• Reliable honing of barrel and choke forms in sporting gun barrels
• Aerospace components
*Subject to honing application